sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2009

my own ligth

I gess i just got lost
being someone else

i tried to killed the pain
but nothing ever helped

i let myself behind somewhere
along the way
hoping to comeback around
to find myself someday

lately i'm so tired
of waiting for you
to say that is ok

Tell me please
would you one time
let me be my self so i can shine
with my own ligth
and let be my self for a while

I'll never find my heart
behind someone else
i'll never see the ligth of day
living in this cell

it's time to make my way
into the world i knew
take back all this times
that i gave in to you

that's all i ever wanted from
this world
is to let me be me (love you)

segunda-feira, 13 de abril de 2009


porque mais mal me fazes agora,
ainda mais do que antes?
porque me torturas com a visão do que sempre quis
porque voltas agora?
porque nao me libertas
dos pesados grilhões que me prendem?
quando preciso voar
quando me preparo para voar